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Inspiring creativity for health through our landscapes, our communities and the arts.


The health part of ALL mission has become especially meaningful
in the Covid-19 Times of 2020-21, a time that has and is 
changing life for all of us in ways we faintly understand.
As things change, we realize the importance of wahkohtowin
working together- in fresh ways. It is through our connectedness
that new visions for the future can take root and grow.

The First people of this land, as well as the Settlers,

knew how to work with the seasons,

the air, the water and the fire to create meaningful lives
in which there was time for each other and for stories.


With our minds and efforts grounded in where we are, ALL is committed to

This means working in communities of Battle River Region:

on the West, from Mt. Butte, Battle Lake and the headwaters of

Battle River to the East and the endwaters at Battleford

where the Battle River merges with the North Saskatchewan River. 

We do what we can to ensure our efforts acknowledge and include
First Nation People, Settler People and New People.

Expanding on this mission, ALL educates and advocates on behalf of residents of the Battle River Region for increased health and wellness by using appropriate resources in the public, private and not- for-profit sectors. Each aspect of the organization’s activities emphasizes the wisdom of making informed personal and community choices. As a growing, collective voice, rural Albertans identify and share creative ways to obtain and sustain life-wide living through good health, personal empowerment, education and inspiration.

Working together as stakeholder communities in Battle River Region, we identify life-wide living needs and resources across the life span and across the region in ways that will generate possibility thinking and appropriate responses to health and wellness for all.

Recognizing the north-south “corridor of health services”, ALL believes a west-to-east corridor of health services also needs to be nurtured and developed. In fact, we see the geographical area encompassed by the Battle River watershed as a socio-cultural and emotional “centre” for health and wellness, a geographic-based concept/entity with different service-access areas throughout the region.

ALL work includes advocacy to secure and direct available resources to meet the health needs of the residents of Battle River Region. Our approach to funding is based on values that support all aspects of health: personal health, mental health, community health, economic health, social health and wellbeing.

Battle River: In all the lovely seasons of 

Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.