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Rural Transportation News. Alberta 2018. No. 12 : Moving Transit Forward

Progress at Fort Saskatchewan

By Leanne Delong
Fort Saskatchewan News
The Fort's transit service just got a $3.4 million upgrade.
A ribbon cutting ceremony was held May 1 to mark the official opening of the new Park and Ridefacility. Guest speakers included Alberta's Minister of Transportation Brian Mason, Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville MLA Jessica Littlewood and Mayor Gale Katchur.
"Fort Saskatchewan is a growing and vibrant community and this Park and Ride facility is an important feature for any modern, urban city like ours. Public transportation provides our residents with a vital connection throughout our community and to the City of Edmonton via the commuter service provided by Edmonton Transit," said Katchur.
Littlewood told the crowd that she uses the bus service because:
Taking the bus isn't just for people who can't afford to drive a car. 
A bus is meant to increase accessibility for everyone to be able to commute
with the rest of the community whether it's for work or
for seniors trying to get to appointments.
It is a cheaper option then taking a taxi.
Littlewood noted the windy day was a reason why the new Park and Ride is necessary as it will allow people to use the facilities of transit all year-round.
Transportation Minister Brian Mason, Fort Saskatchewan Mayor Gail Katchur, Fort Saskatchewan-Vegrevile MLA Jennifer Littlewood.

"This project is just one example of how our
transit investments are making life better for Albertans by providing accessible transportationoptions, helping people spend less time stuck in traffic on our roads and reducing harmful emissions."
Brian Mason, Alberta Minister of Transportation.
The Park and Ride has parking for 300 vehicles and the shelter can hold approximately 50 people. There is also a heated bus shelter. This facility includes such environmentally friendly (green) features such as solar panels, recycled asphalt and bicycle parking.
Fort Saskatchewan Transit routes 582 and 583 will use this Park and Ride along with commuter route 580 that goes to Clareview LRT Station.
The project was funded with $1.2 million from provincial municipal sustainability initiative grant funding and $2.2 million came from the provincial Green Transit Incentives Program (Green TRIP).
This was completed in conjunction with the new Taurus Field high performance field, to share construction costs and provide parking for both.The Park and Ride is located across from the RCMP station in Fort Saskatchewan.

You are welcome to visit and learn from this service!
Congratulations to Fort Saskatchewan and their Transit Team for proactive decisions and their willingness to share their experience with communities across Alberta. 
Special thanks to Anthony Dionigi for bringing this news to our attention, and to
journalist Leanne Delong for sharing this article with
readers of Rural Transportation News. Alberta 2018.

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